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Image by Patrick Langwallner

Advice from other young people

Advice from previous clients who have completed a course of CBT with Anna, and their messages to other young people who are just starting out.

Advice from other young people who have completed a course of CBT with Anna

"At the start it seems hard, like really hard, but therapy helped me realise that it can get better, and help, it really does help" - client, aged 14 

"If you are struggling with a specific anxiety, take your time and you can eventually overcome it with the help of your therapist" - client, aged 15 

"It really helps to have someone to talk to, so try to open up as much as you can" - client, aged 12 

"Overcoming OCD feels like getting out of prison. Freedom is the only thing I wanted and I got it by sticking to what my therapist said. Now life is the best it’s been" - client, aged 17 


"Prioritising yourself is not selfish and is in fact a necessary step to become the person you want to be, and build the life you want to live" - client, aged 23 

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