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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children and Young People

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Face-to-face in Bristol (Clifton) and online UK wide. BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist specialised in Children, Pre-Teens, Adolescents and Young Adults (age 5 to 25), with depression and anxiety-related mental health concerns.

Psychological therapy in line with NICE guidelines, the evidence-based recommendations for mental health treatment in England.



"Anna spoke to me as if she was my friend, which helped because it didn't feel like therapy, but a conversation with someone close to me."
"Anna was incredible to work with. The 10 sessions helped me so much to develop  as a person and has allowed me to deal with difficult emotions."
"Thank you for teaching me that the world is a safe place."
"Massive thank you for helping me to grow and defeat OCD. You've no idea how much you’ve helped me and I’ll be forever grateful."
"Graduating from Uni I felt so lost with life but you really helped and guided me at this difficult time" 
"Anna was just amazing and the rapport she built with us was lovely, my son really liked her and I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist :)"
"Making an 11 year old boy feel comfortable talking openly is no mean feat! Anna was approachable, gentle and engaging, putting us both at ease"
"Anna was sympathetic, knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic, kind, happy & smiley. These characteristics really helped my daughter. "You have such a lovely manner and are so patient with them.""
"We began to notice little improvements early on in the process and our child is maintaining the momentum now she has finished."
"My daughter related and warmed to you immediately. She organically grew in confidence and anxiety reduced over the weeks. Her personality is shining through."
"Anna had an ability to make my son feel at ease and got him to engage. Despite social anxiety, he felt comfortable talking to Anna."
"Anna somehow managed to get me to speak about things (by asking all the right questions) that I never delve into, allowing me to tackle issues I've always struggled with."
"You taught me how to put my bad memory into the past, and leave it there"
"My daughter finds it very difficult to talk about how she is feeling but Anna must have gained her trust so she felt confident to open up."
"Anna was very helpful and helped me overcome my OCD, so I’d like to say thank you."
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